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Earth Harbor

Body Oil: Blue Yarrow and Marine Algae

Body Oil: Blue Yarrow and Marine Algae

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Glistening maritime bliss in a bottle. LAGUNA Replenishing Body Serum from Earth Harbor is a tantalizing blend of Wn botanical oils, including Blue Yarrow, Marine Algae, Coconut, Rosehip, and Neroli Blossoms. 

This synergistic island blend promotes the process of cellular respiration and intercellular energy, while delivering deep nourishment, hydration, and a gorgeous luster to your sweet skin.

 A beautiful, non-greasy, nutrient-dense serum for your body.

Dull & Dry Skin
Lack of Essential Vitamins and Nutrients
Rough Skin

2 oz spray bottle


Earth Harbor Is:

Purely natural + nontoxic + certified cruelty-free + vegan + ethical trade & sustainable ingredients (all certified organic, non-GMO and/or wildcrafted), ocean nutrients, food-grade plant-based therapeutic-grade oils, scientifically-proven botanicals, zero-waste + plastic-negative packaging with upcycled ocean waste, artisan small batches, love and island vibes.


Earth Harbor Naturals



Eco Friendly

Social Good

Small Batch




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