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Earth Harbor

Tidal Rose Hydration Mist

Tidal Rose Hydration Mist

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Rejuvenate your skin with this hydration mist that's full of island vibes. A beautiful, natural toner, hydration-enhancer and makeup setter from Earth Harbor, TIDAL ROSE Crystal Hydration Mist infuses nutrient-dense Seaweed with high-vibration Rose Quartz Rosewater, antioxidant-rich White Tea Extract, and beautifying Persian Lilac Extract. 

 Shake the bottle gently and spritz 3-5 times onto clean skin and press in before applying moisturizer to lock in moisture, soften skin, and restore pH balance for rejuvenated skin. You can also use this throughout the day when you need extra hydration or to refresh.

Dry or Inflamed Skin
Rough Skin
Fine Lines & Wrinkles

2 oz Spray Bottle

 Earth Harbor Is:

Purely natural + nontoxic + certified cruelty-free + vegan + ethical trade & sustainable ingredients (all certified organic, non-GMO and/or wildcrafted), ocean nutrients, food-grade plant-based therapeutic-grade oils, scientifically-proven botanicals, zero-waste + plastic-negative packaging with upcycled ocean waste, artisan small batches, love and island vibes.


Earth Harbor Naturals



Eco Friendly

Social Good

Small Batch





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